Franklin Road Baptist Church
Monday, May 16, 2022
“Christ is our Message….The Bible is Our Text”


          Section 1 Admission of Members:
1A. Membership in Franklin Road Baptist Church shall be limited to believers in Jesus Christ who, subsequent to their salvation, have received baptism by immersion. Exceptions may be granted to believers who cannot be immersed for reasons of physical health.
1B. All applicants for membership shall be interviewed by two or three deacons concerning their salvation, baptism, and Christian experience. All applicants should be in substantial agreement with the church’s doctrinal statement. The Board of Deacons shall determine if any area of disagreement with the doctrinal statement provides a basis for excluding the applicant from membership.   Additionally, applicants should declare to the deacons their commitment to abide by and be governed by the Scriptures, to submit to the philosophy of ministry espoused by the church, and to adhere to the constitution of the church. 
1C. The interviewing deacons shall make either a positive or negative recommendation to the Board of Deacons for the applicant’s official reception into membership. Applicants shall be received into membership of this church upon a positive vote of the Board of Deacons. The congregation will be promptly notified upon reception into membership.