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Monday, May 16, 2022
“Christ is our Message….The Bible is Our Text”

2021 Missions Spotlight

Missions Spotlight

David & Karen James

Alliance for Biblical Integrity (ABI)

Annual FRBC support: $5211

 David James unfortunately & unexpectedly passed away in late October 2021 at the age of 63. He had such an impact on so many people, we wanted to highlight what he had done earlier this year. He taught several classes via zoom for those in Germany, Word of Life Hungary, Middle East & Africa, Word of Life Ukraine & 2 actual trips to Word of Life in Schroon Lake, New York. This was over a 100 hundred hours of teaching. David & Karen were in the process of moving to a small town in Iowa where their son-in-law is the pastor of the town's only church. He was an elder in their home church in Paris, Illinois for over 10 years & spoke at conferences & churches around the world (before Covid shut down countries). Please continue to keep Karen in your prayers as she adjusts to this new normal. Karen James P.O. Box #456, Grandview, IA 52752

Missions Spotlight
Ryan and Joy Owen
Baptist Mid Missions of Ghana
FRBC Support:  $2400

Ryan Owen grew up in Rome, Georgia. His wife, Joy, grew up as a missionary kid in the country of Japan. They met while attending Bible College in 2004. In 2007 they were married. Their hearts were both burdened for serving in ministry. In 2009 they took a survey trip to Ghana, West Africa. In 2010 they joined Baptist Mid Missions and began raising support to return to the country of Ghana. God provided their support, and they began ministry in Ghana in 2014. Their work initially was helping a national pastor start a church in a predominately muslim area. The work grew quickly, and the Lord added to the church. Today that church is on its own and making a significant impact in their community. This last term on the field Ryan and Joy served in the capital city of Accra. They worked with college students at the University of Ghana. Ryan also oversaw many legal aspects of the mission in Ghana. They have 5 precious children, Ezra (10), Titus (7), Graham (5), Eliza (2), and Ruthie (4 months). 


Missions Spotlight

Alden & Marie Wightman

Church Planting - Continental Baptist Mission

Annual FRBC support:  $704

The past 2 years have been difficult for their church.  The death of 2 of their members, fear from the media, quarantines, & masks just about destroyed their church attendance.  Because most of the members are elderly who are not computer people, they were unable to zoom their services.  They did have 10 -15 people who attended most of the time. There is still some fear of the virus, but not as bad as some months ago. They have resumed all services except Sunday night.  There is a family with many children, but they only attend sporadically.  Alden was very ill with pneumonia last Feb. & it took him almost 2 months to heal.  However, he only missed 1 Sunday preaching.  Marie is pretty much confined to home, except for church because of her health.  One of their sons, Randy, is a big help in church. The area is growing at an unbelievable rate - Please pray for a younger missionary family to be called to come & help & continue what the Lord has allowed them to start.
4835 Deer Run Rd
St. Cloud, Fl 34772



Missions Spotlight

Mike and Keller
Baptist Mid-Missions
Vineyard, Utah
Yearly support, $1,479

Each day as we move about our community, we find ourselves repeatedly saying, “wow!”, as we view the color splash. As if this sight were not enough to bring a renewed focus on the Creator, snow has now fallen and covered the top portion of these colorful mountains. God’s hand in creation is another reminder of just Who we serve if we will stop long enough to ponder His greatness.   Praise the Lord with us, our Bible studies have launched with Zeb, Jonathan, and Moise. These three are hungry to know truth and to be able to apply it to their daily walk. So far, we have had one girl visitor in addition to the guys. We are currently meeting across the street from the campus until we gain official recognition as a student organization at Utah Valley University.  For we believe that God will be glorified even if we never see the colorful details of their growth and spiritual maturity.  Did you know you can go to to give to our ministry electronically?  Thank you for your continued prayers and gifts on our behalf. Please pray for additional laborers in this field. We are grateful for the privilege of serving God here in Utah.


Missions Spotlight
Nate and Karol Watkins
Baptist Mid–Mission
FRBC Yearly Support:  $7,600.00

Recently Nat and Karol were able to acquire a new building in Staten Island (in New York). The seller requested a close date of October 15th.  They are going to hold their first service on October 31st. They are planning to use the lobby and upstairs classes for their services and are going to start renovating the back area to create a sanctuary as soon as they have volunteers to help! If your schedule allows, contract them at 317-366-6196. For updates on their building renovation and ministry, you can go to Nate and Karol Watkins Facebook page if you are on Facebook. 


Missions Spotlight
Lynette Circle
Word of Life – Hungary
FRBC Yearly Support:  $1000.00

Lynette returned to Hungary on July 18th.  She quickly began helping with the camp ministry, teaching, and leading the English program.  Throughout the summer camp at Word of Life Hungary, they were able to serve 914 campers with 129 making salvation decisions and 204 dedicating to live a life set apart for God!  Her Shoulder continues to heal slowly, and she is hopeful with cooler temperatures her health will improve.  They are expecting 60 student this fall and Lynette’s main responsibility is to coordinate connecting students with local ministries in which they can participate in on a weekly basis.  Please pray as staff and students begin a new year of studying and ministry, and for Lynette’s overall health and wellbeing.



Missions Spotlight
Gregg and Rawanda Doolittle
Pioneers (Address for gifts)
10123 William Carey Dr.
Orlando, Fl. 32832
All correspondence address:
P.O. Box 51603
Jerusalem 91516
Yearly Support - $2900

During the month of September, we suffered two arson attacks on our property in Bethlehem. Fortunately, the fire department arrived in time, so the damage was minor. The police department is investigating to determine who was behind the attacks.  We are currently working with our landlord who wants to sell the building where we are located. He has agreed to find and pay for other property and pay for the cost of a new building. Please pray we would find a suitable property and come to an agreement about the size of the building and the quality of the constructions.  We recently received a surprise visit from a former student, Rami, and his fiancée. Rami lived with us and regarded us as his parents. He was very devoted to us as we were patient with him during some trying times.  Pray for God’s guidance and success for Rami.
Prayers also are needed for:
* For protection from future arson attacks.
* To be able to reach an agreement with our landlord in Hebron.
* That the other foreign members of staff would be able to enter the country and begin teaching in person.
* That the high school students would succeed in their upcoming SAT and CLEP exams.
* That the Lord would enable us to cover our support deficit.
Thank you for your continued prayers and support.
Your faithfulness enables us to carry on our work and reach our goals.


Missions Spotlight

Jeremy & Elsbeth Rodgers
South Korea Youth Focus WOL
Annual FRBC Support:  $2,400

Opportunities continue to grow to bring their Bible Club ministry into local schools.  The teens sing, play games, and hear a Bible lesson in both English and Korean.  The clubs continue to be a great way to reach teens with life changing truths and grow their presence in the community.  These teens are eager and want to know more.
     At the end of summer Jeremy was privileged to speak at the camp held at the Bible Institute on Jeju Island.  They found out that 38 campers made spiritual decisions.
     For a long time, Jeremy and Elsbeth have been in the process of adopting Daniel, a Korean boy.  Finally, they got a court date for October 7, 2021.  The family was so excited and asked for a time of prayer.  There has never been a time before when so many people were praying for their family at the same time!  After going to court and not getting the answer they wanted their faith did not wavier.  They still got ice cream as a family.
     Update from Friday Morning Oct. 8th; “we got an email saying the cases were closed but didn’t hear Judge’s decision.”  Second update; “the Judge had heard all arguments for the adoption cases.  No more discussion or deliberation is needed.  We are now just waiting on the decision.  We are leaving it in God’s hands and thankful for all the prayers and support everyone has been given us.”



Missions Spotlight
Tim & Glenda McElhaney
Trans World Radio
Annual FRBC Support:  $4000.00

Tim and Glenda McElhaney are missionaries with TWR, Trans World Radio.  TWR is the largest Christian media organization in the world and utilizes 300 languages, airing programs, digital platforms (, and the various media tools and partnerships globally to deliver biblical content.  Tim and Glenda began their journey with TWR in 1984 when they moved to the island Bonaire.  In 2002 they moved back to Ohio where Tim is TWR’s U.S. Director of Major Donor Movement.  Glenda volunteers as a member of the TWR Development Representative team as well as a full-time teacher’s aide serving children with special needs.  They also enjoy ministering to preteens at their local church.
Tim and Glenda McElhaney
7720 Ruthven Rd
Norfolk VA 23505


Missions Spotlight
Phil and Gale Fields
Bible Translation with Pioneers
FRBC Support $3944

The Fields are currently back in the states visiting Hannah and her family in South Carolina and Gale's mom in Georgia who is in hospice care and anxious to go Home to be with her Savior. Gary feels the end times are getting close and missionary are going to begin to have difficulty getting back to the field and serving over seas. He may not be able to make his normal fall trip to Indonesia, but he sees that God is still at work there. He was able this summer to visit with his adopted son, Elyas, and they were able to distribute 100 Scripture audio players to people in Indonesia that are either unable to read or see. Elyas was able to preach each day while they were there, and his messages were well received. Pray for fruit from that trip. Pray also for Gale's mom's health and for open doors and open hearts so God's word can continue to change lives.




Solomon Kendagor

Student Ministry

International Students

FRBC Support $1200


The Kendagors continue their radio and internet global ministry from their home in Missouri or wherever they are able to set up their equipment. They are recently trying to raise money to upgrade that equipment in order to more consistently broadcast their messages. They are currently trusting the Lord to provide the needed funds. You can also find their messages posted on Facebook. Their messages include weekly radio and TV ministry, bible study in English, Swahili and Kalenjin. Check them out on Facebook at "Ruby Kendagor " or Solomon Kendagor.


Missions Spotlight
Ryan and Joy Owen
Baptist Mid Missions of Ghana
FRBC Support:  $2400


Ryan Owen grew up in Rome, Georgia. His wife, Joy, grew up as a missionary kid in the country of Japan. They met while attending bible college in 2004, and in 2007 they were married. Their hearts were both burdened for serving in ministry. In 2009 they took a survey trip to Ghana, West Africa. In 2010 they joined Baptist Mid Missions and began raising support to return to the country of Ghana. God provided their support, and they began ministry in Ghana in 2014. Their work initially was helping a national pastor start a church in a predominately muslim area. The work grew quickly, and the Lord added to the church. Today that church is on its own and making a significant impact in their community. This last term on the field Ryan and Joy served in the capital city of Accra. They worked with college students at the University of Ghana. Ryan also oversaw many legal aspects of the mission in Ghana. They have 5 precious children, Ezra (10), Titus (7), Graham (5), Eliza (2), and Ruthie (4 months



Missions Spotlight

Peter and Cindy Zull
Student ministry to International Students in Indiana
FRBC Yearly Support:  $2042

They are thankful for things opening up again for in person meetings.  They were able to have dinner with some Sudanese friends and enjoyed the time of fellowship.   Pray for healing of M's eyes and that the whole family would come to Jesus. Pray also with them for some upcoming events. This summer a group of international students are going to the Grand Canyon. Pray for safety, awesome experiences for all, wonderful discussions, and hearts to be open to the gospel. August 7th they put on a Cross Cultural Workshop.  Pray also as they plan events for this coming year and as they prepare to meet new students.



Missions Spotlight
Aaron & Stephanie Cochrell
2013 W Britton Rd

Burbank, OH 44214
Email –
FRBC Yearly Support: $2400

This year stated out like a ping pong ball for the Cockrill’s in Peru, they had 6 weeks of in person services, then were followed by 10 weeks of online services, but beginning March 21, 2021 the began a complete lock down. That is difficult since internet is very spotty where they are located. The Cochrell’s are asking for prayers for their congregation to continue with the contributions toward the permeant building since they lost their tent in a windstorm.  Aaron was very blessed to be asked to teach a class on Church Planting to a group of sophomores at the local bible college. He was able to present 6 classes on bible principles and the steps in church planting.  The Chochrells found out the first of this year they were expecting their fourth child, who is do this month, please be in prayer for Stephanie (her thyroid issues) and the new baby during this pregnancy.


Missions Spotlight

Jeff and Lisa Chudy
Bridges International ministries through Cru

For the past 10 years Jeff and Lisa have served with Bridges International, a ministry of Cru that reaches out to international students in the US, as the Regional Director and Team Leaders at IU.  At IU there are 8000 international students and visiting scholars from over 100 countries. Bridges International provides opportunities for social, service, spiritual and student leadership development.  They have regular events providing resources for all these areas, including weekly bible studies, bible exploration groups, mentoring and an annual Vision Conference. During their time at IU, Jeff and Lisa have enjoyed seeing over 250 students head out into ministry and serve God all around the world.



Missions Spotlight
Lyosha and Alusia Savchuk                                                                                                                                               Baptist International Evangelistic Ministries
Dovjenko 40a, 181,Ukraine 17024

Lyosha and Alusia serve in Chernihiv, Ukraine.  They minister through bible studies, game nights, English lessons, church services, and summer camps.  Lyosha had the opportunity earlier this year to go through classes for counseling and premarital counseling.  Their church and university ministry have been blessed with new members this year.  Earlier this month they were also able to welcome a beautiful baby girl, Solomiya. Please pray for the health of the baby and Alusia and that the university students will be able to continue to grow and accept Christ.



Ken Hopper

Bearing Precious Seeds Ministries

Kenny reports that they have moved from the headquarters of Bearing Precious Seeds El Paso, Texas to Ohio, their home base church. Him and Bonnie are settling into their mobile home and have been in Ohio for just 3 weeks.  They are still actively involved with Bearing Precious Seeds Ministry, sharing that there is scripture on its way to the Olympics in Japan and one container on its way to Brazil. They are hoping to return to the print ship soon to help put bibles together. They are located only 8 minutes from their church and are looking forward to serving there as well.


Missions Spotlight
CRU Ministries
Nathan & Liana Walden

The Waldens report how grateful they are to have been able to travel to the middle east in May and June.  Their group focused on reaching local students with the gospel.  The group consisted of 7 students and 8 staff.  Their biggest praise was that each person on the team was able to share the gospel with a local student while there!  Back in Michigan they are raising support to move to Queens, New York.  There are 4 campuses in Queens, and 15 campuses that need to be reached on Long Island.  Because the cost of living is so high in New York City, they will be spending a few months working on support raising.  They ask we pray for them as they look forward to this next move.




Ryan and Joy Owen


Church Planting

Annual Support 2,400



The Owens are currently on furlough for the remainder of the year. Their family has grown as they have welcomed the birth of their new baby during late spring. They have been staying in a mission house in Lewisville, NC. and were excited to attend a mission conference in March. They are currently scheduling meetings for August and Autumn months to fellowship with sending church as well supporting churches. Ryan will be speaking on our mission focus Sunday in September.



Missions Spotlight
Nate and Karol Watkins
Baptist Mid Missions
Annual support $5,352

 The Watkins are faithfully serving the Liberian people of New York. They both have suffered with the Covid virus but are thankful for God's healing in their lives. They rejoice to share that they are new grandparents again to another granddaughter, Margot. They are praising God that their offer on the new building for their church was accepted and now are continuing to pray that the funds come in to pay for the building and to be able to complete needed renovations. They are praying for volunteers to come help with the renovation work. Pray also for 4 teachers to come and help teach their mini summer school this summer as they will need to be away at a conference, and this will leave their coworkers shorthanded.



Lynette Circle

Word of Life Hungary

Annual Support 2,000



Lynette is a missionary in Hungary, but she is currently in the States due to health issues. Her time here has filled with doctors’ appointments and medical treatments. She had shoulder surgery near the end of April and is now in physical therapy. The recovery process will be long, but it seems to be going well. In June she has one more eye appointment and MRI to check on the status of her other medical concerns. This will help to have a clear picture of her overall health before Lord willing, returning to Hungary sometime in July. Please continue to pray for her physical health and healing, and that God will allow the details to come together to return to Hungary in July.



Missions Spotlight

Annual FRBC Support $2400
Word of Life, Inc
Jeremy and Elsbeth Rodgers

The Rodgers are safely back in Korea. God gave them a blessed time meeting with churches, friends, and family as they sought to increase their annual support level.  They are still waiting to hear from people to see how God will work in this situation to meet their needs. They enjoyed the time of "House Arrest", better known to us as quarantine, to rest up and regroup from their time of such intense travel with all their little ones. God has graciously provided for them a new apartment on the ground floor which will more adequately meet their needs. They are rejoicing in His faithfulness. Continue to pray for the much-needed extra support, for Daniel's adoption to be finalized, and for open doors to continue to spread God's word in a very needy land.


Missions Spotlight

Word Of Life         

Annual Contribution $3500
Paul & Jill Weaver
4200 Glendale Road
Pottersville, NY  12860

Email:   E –
              E – 

Hello Friends,
We want to wish you and your family a Happy New Year! As we conclude 2020, we have a short ministry update to share with you. We are thankful for the opportunities God has given us in 2020 and look forward to what God has in store for 2021.
We have been with Word of Life for 18 years. 13 years spent in Hungary and 5 at our main site in Upstate New York.  Paul is currently teaching at the Word of Life Global Bible Institute and serves as the academic dean.  He oversees the curriculum committee, teachers, professors and faculty committees at all 10 teaching sites.   Paul has been teaching oversees at 5 to 6 sites every year.  Of course Paul’s schedule has had to adapt to teaching via zoom. 
Paul invests much of his time in the lives of young adults by equipping them with the scriptures and preparing them for a lifetime of ministry.  Paul teaches World Religions and Books of the Bible.
Jill was the admissions Director in Hungary.  Now with 2 kids she has enjoyed staying home and investing in Caroline and Jeremiah.  She is home schooling Caroline and continues to invest time with the students at the New York campus.

Serving HIM Together,
Thank you for the many years of partnership with your prayers and giving.
Paul, Jill, Caroline, and Jeremiah.

 Missions Spotlight                Tim & Glenda McElhaney
Trans World Radio (TWR) - Donor/Stewardship Services
Annual FRBC Support:  $3099
Recently, 2 TWR donors took advantage of learning how they could reduce taxes on their giving, by giving appreciated gifts.  The lady gave stocks, eliminating a large capital gains tax for her, & the man asked the manager of his IRA to send a portion of his IRA Qualified Charitable Contribution to fund the project together.  Those funds allowed TWR to script, translate, produce & air the program "The Way of Righteousness" in the Kanuri language to the people of Nigeria.  Kanuri is the heart language of Boko Haram. A response to "The Way of Righteousness" program: “I belonged to a very religious Muslim family, but recently got saved & became a Christian believer through listening to your mp3 teachings.  My family kicked me out of the house.  On the outside it appears as if I am still a Muslim, but in reality, I am not; I am still a Christian believer who believes every word of the Bible as the inerrant Word of God.”  TWR is currently spreading God's Word digitally & through broadcasts in 190 countries with a potential audience of 4 billion souls.
7720 Ruthven Road
Norfolk, VA  23505


Life Centers

9511 Angola Ct. Suite 215

Indianapolis, In 46268


Life Centers is thrilled to share the news that they have opened a new South Center in the Southern Plaza Shopping Center. The center allows more people to be served and they now can offer ultrasounds at this location. The Burmese community is growing in this area and currently accounts for 30% of the client base. Life Centers is always in need of more volunteers at all the locations,  but we especially need them at our East side location. You can volunteer in many ways including be a client advocate, receptionist or organizing the donation room at the downtown location. If you would like to talk to a current staff of volunteer, see Liz  Johnston, Michelle Elkin or Susie Garriott. During the month of May FRBC will be participating in the Baby Bottle Campaign and collecting gently used and new clothing, toys, and books.



Missions Spotlight
Solomon and Ruby Kendagor
International Student, Inc (ISI)
Solomon and Ruby Kendagor have served with International Students Inc for over 30 years.  Their ministry focuses on evangelism through radio and TV, discipleship, and leadership training.  They are based in St. Louis, Missouri and teach international students.  They also travel frequently to many countries in Africa.  They have had the opportunity to train over 100 pastors and church leaders in Eastern Africa over the years. Ruby enjoys also ministering to their students by cooking meals as an outlet to share the gospel.  Please pray that they are able to continue to spread the message of Christ to many students.

2297 Fairoyal Dr,
St. Louis MO 63131



Missions Spotlight
International Students at Purdue
Peter Zull
Annual Support $2,042.00


COVID has caused their ministry to be primarily on zoom with people trusting in Christ.  They have had opportunities to point many others to the Savior.

1)  Three Korean ladies trusted Christ and are sharing with their husbands about what they are learning each week.  The Husbands are not believers but are responding well to what their wives are sharing.
2)  There are 12 Indians who are involved in a weekly game night.  6 of these are now in a book club where there is a discussion of books read.  Mere Christianity is one of the books being read.
3)  There are 10 International ladies who are meeting with older Christian ladies about being a wife and mother.  This is called Titus Time taken from Titus 2:3-5 “Older women are to encourage the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be sensible, pure….”
4)  There are about 45 students meeting online for Bible study.  Some of these are in their country and some of them are at Purdue.
5)  A Muslim couple has been meeting for Bible study for 4 years.  We have been through Luke and now studying Acts.
6)  We have gotten 2 new staff members in the last 2 years.  The newest one just moved to W. Lafayette in the middle of March.

WE give thanks to the God of Heaven, for His loving Kindness is everlasting.
Pete and Cindy


Missions Spotlight

Help for Christian Nationals
John & Mary Jauchen
602 Truman Court
Duncanville, TX 75137
 John reports, in a letter from January, that in Latin America almost every country is shut down.  In Bolivia hundreds of pastors have died.  Recently they were able to send a sizeable offering to their team leader in Peru to help needy rural pastors.  He has received the news that many small churches are closing their doors, pastors are not receiving normal offerings and being forced to find outside jobs.  They are faced with critical questions, when and how do we begin to conduct face to face interactions?  What are our greatest needs?  John said, “I have told our leaders there is ONE thing we need to do; listen to the voice of the chief Shepherd”.  They ask for prayers as they follow Him into the new year.



Jeff and Lisa Chudy

1899 S. Cooper Rd.

Bloomington, In 47401

Campus Crusade


The first part of 2021 included multiple outreach and social gathering opportunities including three sledding parties and afternoon on local Lake Griffy. Over 45 students and friends from multiple nations joined in the fun. Our Bridges “seeker” bible study just moved to the New Testament and the Muslim students are investigating that Jesus is more than a prophet. Pray they understand Jesus is more than a prophet! Pray we can connect more one-on-one with restrictions being lifted. Pray for Jeff’s online studies with newly formed group of International believers! Pray for opportunities to continue to share the Gospel! Would you join us in praying for these students as we near Easter? Pray we will be able to communicate in deed and word the love of Jesus and who He is and how much He loves them, and they would be drawn to Him by the Holy Spirit. We are ever mindful of your faithful partnership and prayer in helping to fulfill the great commission to the nations, here, now on our doorstep!



Missions Spotlight

BIEM – LYOSHA SAVCHUKS – Chernihiv, Ukraine

 As with most of our missionaries, Lyosha and Alusia have spent most of the last year learning new ways to spread God’s word even under the lockdown of a global pandemic.  He spent a lot of time encouraging people to embrace technology, doing services from his iPhone and urging people to write him their prayer requests and needs.  Much like here in the States, Zoom and Facebook became their go-to formats for small groups, services, and bible studies.  Lyosha commented that, “we live in the age of technology and internet.  I think this situation was for all of us to master those skills…making good-looking and good-sounding videos in which we share our faith and preach the Gospel.  I thank the Lord for this opportunity to learn.  Social media ministry was not a priority for me, but now I see its importance and great potential…. Nothing can substitute for real fellowship of believers. But there are millions of people who literally live online…and they hear the Gospel preached from almost every corner of the internet.”  As surges in the pandemic have come and gone, their church has been able to meet for services in person at times.  They were even able to be together for a birthday party and a scaled-down wedding. These were both events where Lyosha was able to present the Gospel and speak with people from outside the church.   In all these circumstances they continue to praise the Lord in every situation and continually look for ways to advance His word in the lives of everyone they meet.





David & Karen James - Alliance for Biblical Integrity (ABI) - Ministry Focus: Teaching -
Annual FRBC Support: $5211
David made 2 international trip last year, the Philippines & Uganda. Even with the Covid, he was able to teach students via zoom at
several Word of Life campuses, including Berlin, Germany, New York, & Hungary. He was asked to join a new ministry "the International Society for Biblical Hermeneutics"(ISBH), which will providing pastors throughout Europe with training & resources
that are based on properly understanding the Bible, dispensationalism & salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.

Dave & Karen James
5800 Thralls Ave
W. Terre Haute, In 47885



Mission Spotlight


Gregg and Rawda Doolittle

Gregg and Rawda Doolittle are missionaries in Jerusalem.  They are operating 2 schools and after a few months of lockdown they were able to reopen in-person this January.  They would appreciate prayers that the Lord would enable them to keep their schools open for the rest of the second semester, that the vaccination program in the West Bank would be rapidly expanded, that travel restrictions would be lifted so that foreign staff can easily enter and depart the country, that they would find a suitable equivalent for the SAT II subject exams for students, and that they would find suitable replacements as co-directors of the two schools.

P.O. Box 51603

Jerusalem 91516




The Marc & Penny Kretzschmar
Operation Mobilization – Conference Training
Annual FRBC Support: $845


Marc has served with OM for 45 years, teaching & writing Leadership courses for Pastors & leaders all over the world, encouraging them in their ministry, their relationships with others & their walk with the Lord. Penny is very involved with the prayer ministry at OM & building relationships /sharing the Gospel
with the women in their area. This past year has been a challenge, with the COVID epidemic. Along with more time for reflection, they have been able to hold online classes & coach. They are looking ahead in 2021 with many new opportunities to coach, training courses, times of gathering, singing, prayer, talking, worship and more.

110 Becca Court
Tyrone, Georgia 30290



Mission Spotlight

GOOD NEWS MINISTRIES:  Inner city ministry including a homeless shelter, youth center, health clinic & boys’ home. 

Good News Ministry will be celebrating their 71st year with an open house Feb. 23rd from 2-6 pm at 2716 E. Washington St.  46201. On Christmas Day, the men were able to sleep in late & eat a big breakfast.  Later in the day after a light lunch & leisure time, the men, along with staff, went & were treated to an "All-you-can-eat-buffet" where they had a great time of fellowship, like one big happy family.  After they returned, the men participated in a gift giveaway that included each man receiving a McDonald's gift card, along with a backpack filled with personal & warm winter items.  They finished the day in the chapel with Christmas carols, the Gospel presented & cookies & milk.  Operation Santa Claus allows the kids at the shelter to choose families they know would not be able to buy Christmas gifts.  While kids love getting gifts, this is an opportunity for them to learn the value of giving as well as receiving & 167 kids were given over 2000 toys.  Ward's Apparel has been providing 1 suit per month for free to a man at Good News.  Because of the Pandemic, they had to stop for several months.  Recently, 5 of the Shelter residents received a suit tailored to a perfect fit. The main goal in offering this service is to encourage those in the program who are faithfully attending church & growing in the Lord to continue to follow Jesus.  Many men over the years have received a new suit to wear to church, job interview or other event requiring more formal attire.



Mission Spotlight

The Cochrell family serves with Baptist Mid-Missions in Peru.  Because of COVID, they have not been able to physically meet on church property.  They ask for prayer that they will begin to open soon.  They also are asking for prayer so that their food distribution ministry can grow and for the health of their family and their church family.  Continue to lift them up to the Lord as they strive to share Christ with the people of Peru. 



Mission Spotlight 

Mike and Sharon Keller work with Campus Bible Fellowship International in Utah.  They are trying to meet with students as much as possible during the pandemic and they are asking for prayer for many students, Mormon Missionaries and Polygenist friends, that they may come to the Lord.  They are still holding weekly bible studies with students and are thankful they can do so.  They ask we keep them in prayer during the covid uncertain times and that they put Christ first during these difficult months.



Mission Spotlight

Nate and Karol Watkins
70 Vanderbilt Ave.
Staten island, New York 10304
Baptist Mid- Missions
yearly support- 5,352
Due to Covid we continue to praise God together and encourage each other via Zoom, phone calls and texting. We are so thankful for the internet and phones to be able to connect in this way. We thank God and give Him the glory for the work He is doing in the hearts of our people.
Praise God for the five ladies who gave their lives to Christ and recently followed the Lord in Baptism. Pray for these ladies to continue growing in their faith and relationship with the Lord.
Louis and Connor were married on November 7 with family present at an outdoor wedding on the beach in South Carolina.
Thank you for your continued support for our ministry, Nate and Karol Watkins.

Wheeler Mission Wheeler mission is a local organization that offers Christ-centered services to

the homeless and those in need.  Wheeler not only helps meet people’s needs, but they also offer services such as addiction recovery, counseling, job and life skills training, adult education, mentorship, aftercare, and more. They are currently helping more than 1,000 men, women, and children daily, which is more than any previous year. They expect it will continue to rise throughout the cold, winter months.  Thankfully, they are still able to maintain social distancing guidelines with the help of the City of Indianapolis and the hotels that are letting them use rooms for their guests. Please pray as this has been a hard year on their employees, volunteers, and guests COVID-19  numbers are rising everywhere. You are welcome to check their website,, on information to provide extra help and supplies during this trying time.
205 East New York Street,
Indianapolis, IN 46204


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