Franklin Road Baptist Church
Monday, May 16, 2022
“Christ is our Message….The Bible is Our Text”
Missions weekend was a real blessing.  Thanks to all that participated in the many activities.
For the month of July, the Missions Committee will be collecting school supplies for needy children in our area.  Any school supplies, as well as backpacks, will be greatly appreciated.  There will be a tub below the missions board for your donations.  Thank you in advance for your generosity and love to these kids.

The May mission focus will be collecting food items for Shepherd Community,
especially for the kids when they are out of school and not receiving breakfast or
lunch at school. Suggested items include:  Mac N Cheese, peanut butter,
pop tarts, cereal, granola bars, Spaghetti O’s, etc. Please place items in the tub
below the missions board. By meeting their physical needs, we have the opportunity
to show Christ’s love to “some of the least of these” and maybe impact a child’s life for eternity.

March Mission focus
Our Mission Focus for the month of March will be collecting cake mixes, candles & icing in a bag for the Hancock County Food Bank. Please place 1 cake mix, 1 can of frosting & 1 box of candles in a bag & place in the tub below the missions board. These bags are a real blessing for those who come to the food bank, as they are able to make their child or someone they love a cake on their special day! Thank you for giving someone hope with your generosity.
An update from Wheeler for the Personal Care Bags: They were so grateful and overjoyed by the generosity of our church for the homeless. They are helping more and more people every day, so every donation counts. We also collected $840 for paper for Bearing Precious Seed. One roll of paper cost about $750, with each roll able to print 400 whole Bibles. Thank you for giving unselfishly to show Christ's love to the world!

January Mission focus

Aaron & Stephanie Cochrell            Baptist Mid Missions
Annual FRBC Support $2400
The Cochrells are missionaries in Peru, South America.  They recently made the final decision to start a new church in Alto Qosquo.  They have been housing community events to encourage people to attend the church, including showing the movie "Courageous" to the community.  They ask for prayer as they lay the foundation for this new church.
Peter & Cindy Zull            International Students, Inc—Purdue
Annual FRBC Support $2900
Peter and Cindy Zull continue their ministry at Purdue. In the latest newsletter they asked for prayer for an upcoming international student ministry workshop in April. This year the focus of the
workshop will be ministry to Hindus. They have a speaker that has ministered in India and Nepal. They ask for prayer that they have a great turn out and many workers be added to the harvest field.
Solomon & Ruby Kendagor            International Student, Inc (ISI)
Annual Support $1200
Solomon and Ruby Kendagor have served with International Students Inc for over 30 years. Their ministry focuses on evangelism through radio and TV, discipleship, and leadership training.
They are based in St. Louis Missouri and teach international students.  They also travel frequently to
many countries in Africa. They have had the opportunity to train over 100 pastors and church leaders in Eastern Africa over the years. Please pray as they are currently raising money for a trip to travel to four African countries in a two-week period to teach evangelism.