Franklin Road Baptist Church
Monday, May 16, 2022
“Christ is our Message….The Bible is Our Text”
The August Mission Focus will be collecting backpacks for kids in the foster care system.  The backpacks are used for the child to keep their belongings in (rather than a trash bag) when they enter the foster care system.  It is something to call their own when their life is in upheaval.  There will be a tub below the missions board for your donations.  Thanks for caring and sharing with "the least of these".


Our March Mission Focus will be collecting “Birthday Cake” bags for the Hancock County Food Bank. For each bag, include a cake mix, a can of frosting, and a  box/package of candles. The Food Bank gives these out to those who wouldn’t otherwise have a cake for a child’s birthday. Thanks for giving hope to those who need encouragement and the Love of Jesus.



Our Jan/Feb Mission Focus is individual care packages for Wheeler Mission. Please include the following in a gallon size plastic bag: 1.body wash or soap, 2. Shampoo 3.washcloth, 4. A new pair of socks, 5. Deodorant, 6 .Chap stick, 7. Body Lotion, Optional item: Hand warmers All these items can be purchased at the Dollar Store. Thank You for showing love to the homeless in Indiana.


John & Mary Jauchen
Bible Training—FRBC Support $1200 The Jauchens’ main area of ministry is to train pastors to teach the Scriptures in a clear and life changing way. They host workshops to reinforce, train, motivate and encourage pastors and teachers to greater faith and  ministry.
At the present time they are working on their first three training workshops of 2018. One is to Colombia and the other two in Mexico. More than 26,000 people were killed in Mexico last year, largely due to drug wars.  Please keep John in prayer as he continues treatment for prostate cancer which was diagnosed last summer.

Good News Ministries

Good New Ministries is a local homeless shelter that provides food, shelter, clothes, guidance, love, and hope through Christ Jesus.  Their goal is to change lives for the better in men, women, and underprivileged youth.  Some of their recent activities have included dressing men for upcoming job interviews, youth evangelistic basketball tournaments, running a boys home, offering bible studies, giving Christmas gifts, and clothing the cold.  They also have a thrift store on Washington Street staffed by their residents to help provide money to the ministry and to give hand-on job experience.  Please be in prayer for this ministry that more will come to know the hope and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.  You may also consider volunteering your time, donating monetarily, giving food, clothing, or items as needed. You can read more of their encouraging stories at


Diego & Louisa Arboleda - Colombia
New Tribes Missions - Training Missionaries Annual FRBC Support: $2400 Recently, Diego had the opportunity to teach a missions class in Buenaventura, a major port town 3 hours away. Those taking the class were very eager to learn. In August, Diego went on a missions trip to the Nasa Tribe where Diego & the team were able to teach the Bible & give them agricultural tips to help with their crops. Diego & Louisa have been asked to work with the Yanacona tribe. 1200 of the 30,000 people live in Cali & desperately need to hear the Gospel. Pray God would open the door to form good relationships with those in their community.


Paul & Jill Weaver
Word of Life International Annual receipt from FRBC is $3,500 It’s with great joy in our hearts that we proudly announce we are expecting a baby boy in mid-May, 2018. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement as we navigate this tremendous responsibility called parenthood! God is good! Thank you for your prayers as I ministered at Word of Life Bible Institute in Uganda and then in Hungary. It was an honor to teach these young people eager to serve the Lord. Please pray for Paul as he prepares to teach this semester in NY and the Ukraine.  Pray for the healthy growth of our new baby. Pray for Paul as he continues his PHD studies with the Baptist Bible Seminary.  Pray for wisdom in leadership in his new position as Academic dean.