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Friday, March 05, 2021
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2021 Missions Spotlight



Mission Spotlight


Gregg and Rawda Doolittle

Gregg and Rawda Doolittle are missionaries in Jerusalem.  They are operating 2 schools and after a few months of lockdown they were able to reopen in-person this January.  They would appreciate prayers that the Lord would enable them to keep their schools open for the rest of the second semester, that the vaccination program in the West Bank would be rapidly expanded, that travel restrictions would be lifted so that foreign staff can easily enter and depart the country, that they would find a suitable equivalent for the SAT II subject exams for students, and that they would find suitable replacements as co-directors of the two schools.

P.O. Box 51603

Jerusalem 91516




The Marc & Penny Kretzschmar
Operation Mobilization – Conference Training
Annual FRBC Support: $845


Marc has served with OM for 45 years, teaching & writing Leadership courses for Pastors & leaders all over the world, encouraging them in their ministry, their relationships with others & their walk with the Lord. Penny is very involved with the prayer ministry at OM & building relationships /sharing the Gospel
with the women in their area. This past year has been a challenge, with the COVID epidemic. Along with more time for reflection, they have been able to hold online classes & coach. They are looking ahead in 2021 with many new opportunities to coach, training courses, times of gathering, singing, prayer, talking, worship and more.

110 Becca Court
Tyrone, Georgia 30290



Mission Spotlight

GOOD NEWS MINISTRIES:  Inner city ministry including a homeless shelter, youth center, health clinic & boys’ home. 

Good News Ministry will be celebrating their 71st year with an open house Feb. 23rd from 2-6 pm at 2716 E. Washington St.  46201. On Christmas Day, the men were able to sleep in late & eat a big breakfast.  Later in the day after a light lunch & leisure time, the men, along with staff, went & were treated to an "All-you-can-eat-buffet" where they had a great time of fellowship, like one big happy family.  After they returned, the men participated in a gift giveaway that included each man receiving a McDonald's gift card, along with a backpack filled with personal & warm winter items.  They finished the day in the chapel with Christmas carols, the Gospel presented & cookies & milk.  Operation Santa Claus allows the kids at the shelter to choose families they know would not be able to buy Christmas gifts.  While kids love getting gifts, this is an opportunity for them to learn the value of giving as well as receiving & 167 kids were given over 2000 toys.  Ward's Apparel has been providing 1 suit per month for free to a man at Good News.  Because of the Pandemic, they had to stop for several months.  Recently, 5 of the Shelter residents received a suit tailored to a perfect fit. The main goal in offering this service is to encourage those in the program who are faithfully attending church & growing in the Lord to continue to follow Jesus.  Many men over the years have received a new suit to wear to church, job interview or other event requiring more formal attire.



Mission Spotlight

The Cochrell family serves with Baptist Mid-Missions in Peru.  Because of COVID, they have not been able to physically meet on church property.  They ask for prayer that they will begin to open soon.  They also are asking for prayer so that their food distribution ministry can grow and for the health of their family and their church family.  Continue to lift them up to the Lord as they strive to share Christ with the people of Peru. 



Mission Spotlight 

Mike and Sharon Keller work with Campus Bible Fellowship International in Utah.  They are trying to meet with students as much as possible during the pandemic and they are asking for prayer for many students, Mormon Missionaries and Polygenist friends, that they may come to the Lord.  They are still holding weekly bible studies with students and are thankful they can do so.  They ask we keep them in prayer during the covid uncertain times and that they put Christ first during these difficult months.



Mission Spotlight

Nate and Karol Watkins
70 Vanderbilt Ave.
Staten island, New York 10304
Baptist Mid- Missions
yearly support- 5,352
Due to Covid we continue to praise God together and encourage each other via Zoom, phone calls and texting. We are so thankful for the internet and phones to be able to connect in this way. We thank God and give Him the glory for the work He is doing in the hearts of our people.
Praise God for the five ladies who gave their lives to Christ and recently followed the Lord in Baptism. Pray for these ladies to continue growing in their faith and relationship with the Lord.
Louis and Connor were married on November 7 with family present at an outdoor wedding on the beach in South Carolina.
Thank you for your continued support for our ministry, Nate and Karol Watkins.

Wheeler Mission Wheeler mission is a local organization that offers Christ-centered services to

the homeless and those in need.  Wheeler not only helps meet people’s needs, but they also offer services such as addiction recovery, counseling, job and life skills training, adult education, mentorship, aftercare, and more. They are currently helping more than 1,000 men, women, and children daily, which is more than any previous year. They expect it will continue to rise throughout the cold, winter months.  Thankfully, they are still able to maintain social distancing guidelines with the help of the City of Indianapolis and the hotels that are letting them use rooms for their guests. Please pray as this has been a hard year on their employees, volunteers, and guests COVID-19  numbers are rising everywhere. You are welcome to check their website,, on information to provide extra help and supplies during this trying time.
205 East New York Street,
Indianapolis, IN 46204


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