Franklin Road Baptist Church
Sunday, October 25, 2020
“Christ is our Message….The Bible is Our Text”

2020 Missions Spotlight



David James        Alliance for Biblical Integrity

While the Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect how believers view and cope with the world, David has continued to teach and write as much as he can.  Although he missed teaching in Uganda in September, he is looking forward to still being able to teach at the Bible Institute in New York in October.  He is also in the process of reading and preparing commentary on Jonathan Cahn's new book, The Harbinger II:  The Return.


Ken and Bonnie Hopper with Bearing Precious Seed

Ken reports that after suffering his heart attack in August of 2019, it has been a struggle to regain his strength. Prayers are needed for his health to return.

He reported that a 20’ container of the Scriptures was sent to Bulgaria just before the pandemic began in March. They are shut down at the moment but reminds us that it is up to the church to be faithful in all we do so God’s Word and His work will continue.

Isaiah 40:8 – the grass withers, and the flowers fade, but the Word of our God shall stand forever.

He asks for prayer as they continue to do God’s work supplying Scriptures all over the world.

Aaron and Stephenie Cochrell
BBM-Peru Church planting/College/Camp Ministry
Annual FRBC support $1690
Aaron and Stephenie are missionaries in Peru. They have three children Elizabeth, Levi and Joel. Their ministry is in the mountainous Cusco region in Peru. As missionaries They are involved in Church planting, a Bible college, and a camp ministry among other opportunities. They purchased property last November and because of the quarantine there was a delay in building the home. They praise the Lord for His provision to build this house and living in the community they are trying to reach. They also pray that the Lord will use this house for His glory.  Since the quarantine began people from the church have been able to work on the church building. It will be ready when they are able to hold service again. 





Mike and Sharon Keller in Utah 

Baptist Mid Missions

1816 W 761 S 

Vineyard UT 84659 


Annual  Support $1479  Mike and Sharon serve the Mormon community at Utah State University. In their most recent letter Sharon speaks of Rebecca a Mormon student she befriends and teaches of God's word. Rebecca like most students the first couple of times she passed their table didn't acknowledge the Kellers or the goodies on their table. Eventually she approached the table with a lot of questions. Sharon connected with Rebecca and the developed a relationship, so much so that when Rebecca left for her Mormon Mission trip of 18 months, she listed the Kellers on her list of family able to write her while she was gone. Upon return Rebecca met Sharon at their home and continued to ask questions and dug deeper into the Christian faith. Sharon says it will take time, like with all of the Mormon students, but she is very blessed by the relationship they have developed.

Ken and Sharon Davis with Baptist Mid Missions 

Ken wrote to us and told of his official retirement from BMM but reported that they plan to stay as active as ever in the ministry.

They moved to Medina, Ohio to be closer to family and they are part of a church that has planted five other churches. Ken will be helping coach their church planters.

They are trusting the Lord to be able to make overseas trips this year to help train national planters and pastors. Their focus is on the Peru but are willing to go anywhere in Latin America.